Partner With Us

1. Industry Partners

  • Decent Living :
    The City-makers/ workforce shall get the essential services such as Quality accommodation, nutritious food, Hygiene toilet, counseling, Entertainment & sports, etc. This would create happiness and save time for the City-makers.
  • High Productivity :
    The happiness of workforce may result in higher productivity in the work station.
  • High Retention :
    The counselling services at Kutumb would help to address their problems; this may lead to higher retention.
  • Conduct Sessions on Important Issues :
    The industry partners can organize session on important issues such as safety, health and other important issues in Kutumb hostel during holiday or Sunday. This will help to create awareness/ train the workforce and save their productive time.
  • Periodical Update of City-makers :
    The industry can get the update of their workforce periodically.

Scope For Partnership

  • Provide City-makers :
    The industry partners can select at least 50-100 City-makers (regular/ contractual/ outsourced) to avail the facilities in Kutumb.
  • Pay For The Services :
    The industry has to pay monthly fees for the number of city-makers per person monthly towards available all essential services (stay, food, basic entertainment etc). The industry may charge partly/ fully from their workforce, who would avail the facility. Otherwise, they can take an undertaking from the selected workforce to pay on their behalf for getting these services.
  • Explore For Any Additional Services :
    Kutumb aims to provide one stop solutions to City-makers. The industry partner and/ or City-makers may seek for any additional services (with additional cost).

2. Service Partners

  • Vendors :
    Supplying beds, cupboards, and other essential furniture
  • Food :
    Caterers, small restaurants are keen to provide cost effective food services
  • Advanced Skill Development :
    The agencies keen to provide advanced skill development and certification, which would enhance skill development of City-makers and help for further career advancement
  • Financial Institutions :
    Banks and financial institutions shall have opportunity to sell insurance, open saving account, investment etc.
  • Healthcare Agencies :
    Kutumb would engage with Hospitals, healthcare organisations and clinics to provide healthcare services in an affordable price.
  • Any Other

3. City-Maker

you want to fund the project, sponsor a hostel or number of City-makers.

4. Work With Us

you wish to be part of this dynamic and committed team.

5. Volunteers

Please join with us a volunteer as per your expertise.

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