Our Services

Kutumb aims to provide one stop solution to City-makers by providing 25 types of standardized services. KUTUMB establishes Hostel unit for 50 to 100 City-makers in an affordable price. Kutumb shall provide all essential services to City-markers regularly whereas additional services on demand.

Glimpses of Essential Services

Accommodation :

Kutumb shall provide High quality accommodation to the City-makers. This will include bunk beds, mattress, toilets, drinking water, geysers etc. Room and sanitation facility shall be cleaned in daily basis. This would be useful to prevent deadly disease like Corona. Hygiene practices will be shared from time to time to achieve high standard of cleanliness.





Food Service :

Food is basic need for human being. Kutumb shall provide Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and tea on daily basis. A mess service will be attached to the facility. Cultural factors will also be considered while deciding the menu. The menu shall be finalized with inputs from City-makers. Kutumb will provide food based on the taste, the nutritional value and the quantity of the food while considering the regional balance. The City-makers shall have option of packed food to their workplace.




HealthCare :

In absence of low-cost and quality medical services in cities, City-makers usually try to suppress their health problem. Usually, it results into a severe health problem affecting their health, income and the productivity. First Aid Box will be available in all Hostels. Kutumb would organise health camps in association with hospital, corporate and other organisations. Kutumb would partner with nearby Hospitals to get special services for City-makers and health insurance companies to get better insurance solution.




Career Counselling And Personality Development :

City-makers face numerous problems related to abuse, daily hectic schedule, workplace exploitation, family issues which affect their mental, emotional well being and career growth. These problems will be addressed through proper counseling services to cope up with the changing environment. In addition to these, efforts will be made to provide career counseling for personality development. The city-makers shall save time from cooking and cleaning. They shall be encouraged to utilize their time to go for advanced skill development in partnership with government and other skill and certification agencies.



Community life :

City-makers work very hard in their workplace as well as need to do their daily essential activities like cooking, cleaning etc. Being away from home, they miss their family and and unable to celebrate their festivals in their workplace. Kutumb shall promote Community life by providing different platform to play indoor games and celebration of festivals. City-makers can play various indoor games (Chess, Carom etc) daily. City-maker community can observe special days such as Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti etc together and celebrate Cultural festivals like Holi, Diwali, Ratha Yatra shall be celebrated. Kutumb will celebrate the last Sunday or Holiday in every month as special day such as Birth-Day or Anniversary.



The following Amenities shall be available for City-Makers in Kutumb

  • Quality and clean bed
  • Nutritious food
  • Safe Drinking Water
  • Separate Dining Area
  • Hygienic toilet and bathroom
  • Geyser (Winter)
  • Daily cleaning
  • Television
  • CCTV
  • Storage facility
  • Security guards
  • Full time support staffs
  • We Care – Counselling
  • Cooler (Summer)
  • Wi-fi
  • Laundry
  • Fire Safety
  • First Aid
  • Indoor Games
  • Social Spaces
  • Celebration of festivals
  • Power Back-up
  • Many more

Additional Services

KUTUMB shall provide 15 types of additional services. Few of these services are

Facilities with Extra Comfort:

The City-makers can avail facilities for the extra comfort such as Air Conditioner, Air Purifier, Washing Clothes, Single Rooms etc with additional fees depending on availability.





Career Advancement Center:

City-makers can undertake advanced skill training and higher education as per their interest area as well as get certification. Such new and advanced skill may enhance their employability, get better income and contribute for higher productivity resulting in better economy.





Preparing Essential Documents:

Many of City-markers struggle to get essential documents. These documents are very important to access different services in cities. Kutumb shall invite agencies to help City-markers for preparing Aadhar Card, changes in Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Voter ID, KYC for different financial institution and other essential documents.





Financial Services:

KUTUMB shall promote financial inclusion. City-makers will have access to various financial services like remittance, investment, health and life insurance, accessing schemes, and other financial instruments. Financial Institutions shall be invited to provide such services to City-makers in Kutumb.




KUTUMB shall facilitate to provide the additional services to City-makers as per feasibility and affordable price.


*Disclaimer: The photographs, images, videos are representative of services and may not be actual. Kutumb thanks the contributors of photographs, images and videos and acknowledge the same.