Hon’ble Union Minister of Labour and Employment, Shri. Santosh Gangwar released the All-India study report on “Creating Value for Migrant Workers and Industries in India” in April 2021

Thank you all for your support, contribution, and cooperation to complete this all-India study on “Creating Value for Migrant Workers and Industries in India”. I am really happy to inform you that this report has been released by Shri Santosh Gangwar, Hon’ble Minister of Labour and Employment, Government of India in April 2021, prior to Covid wave 2.

We thank the great contribution of 265 volunteers including academicians like TISS, IIM; industries; bureaucrats; trade unions and research scholars/ interns over a period of three months as well as all participants and supporting organizations to complete this voluntary study successfully. The scholars and interns have successfully conducted the study covering 3150 primary respondents (migrant workers) from 25 States/ Union Territories in India; the qualitative interview of 86 service providing organizations including CSR, NGOs, Voluntary Organizations, Religious organizations working towards migrant relief; 133 industries (SMEs, Local business, MNCs); 13 government officers as well as seven trade union leaders.

The major findings of the study include 65% of respondents between 18-35 years, 29% belongs to SC and ST community, 96% had Aadhar Card, 60% had ration card, 58% were below matriculate including 14% illiterate with only 2% had skill / technical training. Four-fifth of them worked as contractual worker/ daily wage labor. The average monthly income was Rs 11,140. The major problem was lack of adequate work and low wages. Covid has created several challenges as 97 Percent of migrant workers faced challenges during the lockdown, 82 Percent lost their livelihood, 71 Percent did not have any savings, and 68 Percent did not get any support immediate help. The workers prefer some work in their local areas with 62% are very reluctant to return to destination. The industries have been struggling for revival of their business in terms getting capital, EMI restructuring, getting back the workers with additional benefits such as health and safety.

There is need to create a Migration Authority or Commission to facilitate the migrant workers both in domestic and globally. There is need of greater effort to create aspirational employment opportunity in the local area in coordination with multiple stakeholders such as Promoting Rural Enterprises such as Domestic Enterprise Cluster in India (DECI) and Supply of Urban Amenities from Rural Cluster of Enterprises (SOURCE) enterprises. In the Destination, only skilled workers with aspiration should be encouraged to migrate to the cities. They should deliver better result with their high skill. Same time, they should get the right remunerations, social securities as well as decent services. Indian Association of Migration (IAM) as federal body of all migrant workers associations across the county, shall be formed by the representatives of all types of migrant workers and the experts to work for the welfare by engaging with various stakeholders including government and industries and others. The summary of the report is enclosed for your reference and the final report is available at www.kutumbindia.com

Hope this report is useful for your organization and stakeholders to improve the lives of migrant workers as well as SMEs in India. Please feel free to email or contact us for any further assistance / guidance / support.

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