KUTUMB aims to provide one stop solution to City-markers (migrant blue-collar and grey-collar workers) in cities. Kutumb establishes Hostel to provide 25 types of services for Decent and Comfortable living of City-makers in an affordable price.

Essential Services


Different facilities will be provided for accommodation to the Citymakers.


 Kutumb will organise health camps in association with hospital, corporate and other organisations.

Personality Development

In addition to these efforts will be made provide career counseling for personality development.

Food Service

Food will be provided on a paid basis as per the nutritional value, quantity intake.

Career Counselling

The problems of citymakers will be addressed through proper counseling services.

Community Life

City-makers can play various indoor games (Chess, Carom etc) daily and can observe various special days.

Additional Services

Facilities With Extra Comfort

The Citymakers can avail facilities for the extra comfort such as Air Conditioner, Air Purifier, Washing Clothes, Single Rooms etc with additional fees depending on availability.

Career Advancement Center

Citymakers can have access to get advanced skill training and higher education as per their interest area as well as get certification. Such new and advanced skill may enhance their employability and better income.

Preparing Essential Documents

The expert agency shall be invited to provide services such as preparing Aadhar Card, changes in Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Voter ID, KYC for different financial institution.

Financial Services

Citymakers will have access to various financial services like remittance, investment, health and life insurance, accessing schemes, and other financial instruments. Financial Institutions can use the facility and potential customers.


The City-makers have been contributing for building Indian economy with their hard work. They also strengthen the local economy by sending money back home. They earn very little as most of them are getting merely the minimum wages. They are deprived of accessing quality services in the destination in spite of paying for these services and face a lot of discrimination in cities. All these factors have created a huge vacuum for providing essential and required services to large numbers of City-makers workers at the destination. Kutumb would be giving one stop solutions to City-makers at their destination.
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Kutumb aims to provide one stop solution for the Citymakers.